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Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria

Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencers in Nigeria you need to know to top your fitness level and influence others either you workout from home or you use the gym. The Top personal fitness Trainers and Influencers can help you stay fit, and they are many reasons an individual needs to build up a physical wellness schedule, which can make you look better, keep your body weight at a moderate level, and considerably more.

In Nigeria because of a sedentary lifestyle, long hours of work, and lack of enough physical activity. Fitness training has become essential.

Across Nigeria, they have shown Physical wellness encourages the loss of weight in many individual cases, a significant advantage of physical wellness is that it lessens the danger of the event of different illnesses like diabetes, hypertension level, heftiness, and more.

In this article, we will talk about Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencers in Nigeria and how they can influence you to top your game in the way of physical wellness. This is unquestionably going to be fascinating and worth perusing. 

Kate Henshaw

A Convivial. An Award World Class Winning Actress. Social advocate and Fitness influencer.  Young and vibrant, she’s one of the most popular and sought-after fitness experts in Nigeria. The charismatic trainer posts varied training routines and workouts that are high energy engaging and tailored for massive results, kate who also has a large follower fitness base on Instagram separated from her personal page also known as kate fit with over 13,900 followers no doubt a popular name in Nigeria Movies and Nigerian fitness, she also takes part in fitness events.   


Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria

Ekemini Ekerette

Commonly referred to as Kemen, CEO 6PN Creator of BITEwithkemen is a fitness and wellness expert, with a long list of athletes, celebrities, and everyday folks, kemen is also an entrepreneur and a reality television star. Ekemini Ekerette (Kemen) burst into the spotlight in the wake of participating in the popular reality tv show big brother Nigeria season 2 in 2016,  Kemen continued his vocation as a fitness coach and fitness instructor, he is based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria. 

Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria


Fit Nigeria

Obinna Udora isn’t only a wellness, master with a constitution to demonstrate his skill; he is the CEO of FitNigeria, it’s more than just fitness training and or motivating people to take care of themselves by being physically active. FitNigeria is a health & fitness brand that focused on providing world-class health & fitness education, motivation, products, services, and athletic facilities. Obinna Udora is a fitness enthusiast, fitness model, and personal trainer. They popularly referred him to as one of Nigeria’s finest fitness and wellness experts and personal instructors. Obinna Udora runs fitness classes and guides and is also the Official Trainer for Big Brother Nigeria 2019.


Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria


Ask Damz

Damola Ladejobi, Ask Damz is a famous Nutritionist expert and mentor, a wellness and health master in Nigeria. Damola Ladejobi Multi-Award Winning, Online body Transformers, Nutritionists, and God’s elect is certainly one of the most noticeable Nigerian women regarding wellness, well-being, and sustenance. She has an enormous fan base, with more than one hundred and ninety-two thousand (120,000) supporters on Instagram. 

Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria


Maje Ayida

Maje Ayida is a Wellness Coach Columnist Speaker, Vice Executive Committee Chair (VECC) Nigeria SWAA Chapter 2020, and a Certified Personal Trainer. Maje has more than 15 years of experience. He has offered workouts, and nutrition to many people, and helped them achieve their fitness objectives. His fitness pieces of advice and tips are based on his efforts and experiences. He’s one of the most popular and sought-after fitness, and wellness experts and personal trainers in Nigeria., he is the CEO of his wellness and wellbeing foundation called HIIT SQUAD. Maje is likewise a subsidiary with a well-known media house, The Guardian Ng as a feature writer in the wellness segment.


Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria



Akinpelu Gbenga  

Benfit as he is fondly called is a fitness guru, weight loss, and fitness consultant. The Founder/CEO of 6000sec Fitness Festival, Benfit International, and KeepFit Africa TV is Akinpelu Gbenga Olalekan popularly known as Benfit runs cooperate fitness programs online and offline services. Also Manages Cooperate Fitness programs in Nigeria, likes of Cocacola, Lafarge, Friesland Campina, And the University of Lagos.

Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria


Seyi Olusore Shedams

Seyi Olusore Shedams is a weight loss and fitness consultant, and he runs a weight loss program for overweight individuals. He is the founder of Nigeria’s 1st Weightloss Reality TV Show @thefaSttestshedder A reality TV show, a health and fitness company in Nigeria. Seyi offers custom workout and diet plans that match Nigerian meals and help people attain their fitness objectives.

Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria (9)

Train with Razzie

Young and energize, Razzzic is a celebrity personal Trainer, Model Athlete. Razzie is one of the most popular and sought-after fitness trainers, and he’s also a bodybuilding expert in Nigeria. Whether advanced or beginners, everyone can benefit from his plans. Razzie experiences with various clients and offers services revolving around fitness, wellness ranging from a flexible personal training session to gym sessions online and offline service available 

Top Personal Fitness Trainers and influencer in Nigeria


Emmanuel Iruoghene Emesakoru 

Emmanuel Iruoghene Emesakoru popularly known as EmmaPassions is a Nigerian celebrity fitness entrepreneur, compere, red carpet host, voice-over artiste, hype man, fitness model, poet, and Gemstone Ultramart Brand Ambassador. He is best known for his tough, mean training methods, and from guest appearances on Nollywood Chika Ike’s “African Diva Reality TV Show (Season 1),” and for leading the HarrySong’s “One Delta 30KM peace walk” in Asaba. Creator of #WAFFEST #ABUFFEST #KidsFestNG #PinnaclebyEmmaPassions


Safari fitness

Akin & Trisha Maja Safari Fitness Creators, Akin & Trisha Maja is one of the most popular fitness couples in Africa from Nigeria. Safari®Fitness is a unique African-inspired fitness program. The rhythms include Afrobeats, Bhangra, Calypso, Latin & Soca. Headquartered in Nigeria & Belgium with Safari®Team Instructors in different countries worldwide.


Richard Umberto Odo 

Richard Umberto Odo is a personal trainer and has coached many celebrities. Richard is also a Bodybuilder and fitness model who participated in the popular fitness competition Mr. Ideal Nigeria 2018 and emerged as Mr. Ideal Continental 2018. Richard Umberto Odo is a Fitness content Director, Creative Thinker, Serial-entrepreneur, Fit-Influencer. Commercial athlete. Richard offers group training, personal training, and exercise therapy, he is the Founder of @perfectroutines, a popular fitness and wellness platform in Lagos, Nigeria.


Tl funky fitness

Tl funky fitness is a well-known fitness and dance instructor in Nigeria. Tl funky fitness is an online influencer, on-screen character, and fitness and dance master. Tl funky fitness is the author of wellness stage funky fitness, which assists individuals with staying in shape and keeping up a sound weight level through dance; he is a mainstream fitness coach in Lagos and is the fitness coach of certain famous people.


Rescuer Happy Onuwa

Rescuer happy is an Exercise physiologist and a well-known wellness expert, Creator of sweat it Ibadan one of the biggest fitness events in Nigeria, And the biggest fitness event in Ibadan. Happy is a fitness consultant based in Ibadan.  Happy offers the most effective guidance and solutions for fitness to let people attain their objectives. He helps people enjoy the best health. He offers professional help to individuals to appreciate the best well-being and lose weight.

The Most consistent Fitness Trainer in Nigeria

Akinpelu Gbenga aka Benfit since 2012 back to back

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