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The Top 10 gyms in Ghana

The Top 10 gyms in Ghana is arguable one of the most sort after gyms in Ghana and this is also very popular around Ghana, they are great for tourist or fitness enthusiast even tho they are more gyms in the Ghana capital.

Also, Knowing these gyms and their price range either low, Moderate, and expensive but picking the one that suits your fitness style and budget and if visiting Ghana is one of your perquisites, then check out these top 10 gyms in Ghana below is worth your time.


Total Fitness Health Club

Total Fitness Health club is a highly rated stated of the art gym located in Accra, Ghana with 4.4 ratings according to google my business with more than 63 business review, the total fitness health club has exciting programs, Students packages to match your flexible payment plans for your fitness needs and is located in the A&C Mall. Also included a swimming pool. Their prices range from 425GhC per month to 2551 GHC for a year.

Top 10 gyms in GhanaTop 10 gyms in Ghana

Pippa’s Health Center

Pippa’s Health Center: Pippa’s is primarily a gym that offers different classes including weights loss exercise programs and aerobics with over 4.5 ratings according to google my business and  114 reviews in Accra, Ghana. Pippa also offers yoga, taekwondo, and dance class. Pippa has a beauty spa. Pippa’s is located in Ringway Estates.


Top 10 gyms in Ghana

Top 10 gyms in Ghana


Fit rip Gym Ghana

Fit rip gym Fitness is one of Ghana’s Best Gyms communities with 4.7 ratings according to Google my business and over 70 + reviews. Fit rip gym is located 32 Sir Emmanuel Quist Street, Accra Ghana, The Gym has different membership plan from GHS 500 – GHS 4,800  and classes which include, spinning, aerobics, dance, and other fun fitness activities. The Gym is currently located in Ghana’s Capital City of Accra.

Top 10 gyms in Ghana Top 10 gyms in Ghana

Aviation fitness Center

Aviation fitness Center: Aviation has definitely a state of the art gym been a mainstay of Accra’s leisure scene for decades rated 4.1 according to google my business with over 450 reviews. In addition to having great side attractions facilities such as a basketball court and tennis courts, Aviation has a decent gym moderation and group classes with some amazing Africa dance touch. Aviation Social Center is located on the Airport By-pass road next to the Ministry of Defense.

Top 10 gyms in Ghana Top 10 gyms in Ghana Top 10 gyms in Ghana

Pulse Fitness Ghana

Pulse Fitness Ghana: Pulse is a fitness center that has instructors, physiotherapists, and weight management specialists. Pulse offers monthly fitness assessments and classes for clients also they have classes that include spinning and kickboxing. The pulse fitness center is based in two locations: The World Trade Centre, Accra, and Lizzy Sports Complex, East Legon. Registration can be done at either branch to gives access to both facilities.

Burma Camp Leisure Center

Burma Camp Leisure Center: Burma Camp is the largest fitness center in Accra and boasts an Olympic-sized swimming pool. In addition to the pool, Burma has different playing courts for its members, which includes tennis, basketball and volleyball, and soccer facilities. Moreover, early morning and evening aerobics classes are available.

Police Sports and Fitness Center (POSFC)

Police Sports and Fitness Center (POSFC): POSFC is a popular place in Ghana mostly used by police officers and civilians sometimes. The police sports and fitness center has attentive instructors available. Additionally, POSFC also has a large swimming pool and a tennis court with instructors available. POSFC is located behind the Police Headquarters on the Ring Road.

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