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The biggest fitness event in Nigeria

The biggest fitness event in Nigeria, Nigeria’s biggest fitness event, is a great way to learn new things, get inspired by the best Gym used and see successful top fitness influencers and trainers in Nigeria around the fitness industry, and build a great network of fellow fitness professionals in Nigeria.

Since 2012, they have been a multitude of different fitness events covering a whole range of fitness disciplines taking place in Nigeria. For this article, we have put together a comprehensive list of Nigeria’s biggest fitness events or festivals in Nigeria that will give you the most value.

Verve Fitness Edition event

Verve Fitness Edition event

A pan-African innovative payment card brand hosted fitness enthusiasts at Landmark Events Center, Water Corporation Drive, Victoria Island with fun and wellness-enhancing sessions at the event. Verve International, as always, blazes the trail and inspires Nigerians to a lifestyle of fitness and wellness.

fitness event in Nigeria

Interswitch Group, promoters of the Verve Payments Brand, has announced the 4th edition of the ‘Verve Life’, which has come to be regarded as one of Nigeria’s biggest fitness and wellness lifestyle activation, incorporating the key pillars of fitness, fun, and healthy food, taking place on Saturday 6th November annually at The Landmark Center in Lagos.

Fitness event in Nigeria

To kick off this year’s edition of the Verve Life event, there will be a series of satellite events at designated facilities across selected cities in Nigeria, including Asaba, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Ibadan, and Abuja in activations themed ‘The Verve Life Is Coming to Your City!’.

Cherry Eromosele, Group Chief Marketing, and Communications Officer, Interswitch Group asserted that Verve, as the leading homegrown payments card and digital token brand in Africa remains committed to improving the lives of Nigerians, and the Verve Life series of events prove to be viable avenues through which the brand makes good on that commitment.

6000 SEC fitness festival

6000 SEC fitness of Strengths, Endurance, and Cardio workout is a fitness festival that emphasizes the importance of healthy eating and regular exercise. An unforgettable experience and an amazing audience, from different parts of the Continent and beyond. The responses have been tremendous.

To kick off this year’s edition, there will be a series of satellite events at designated facilities across selected cities in Nigeria, including Ibadan in activations for 6000 SEC Fitness.

The biggest fitness event in Nigeria

. 6000 SEC’, as the name infers, will connect with members in 6000 SEC of ”S”- STRENGTH, ”E”- ENDURANCE AND ”C”- CARDIOVASCULAR activities. They will perform these in 1 hour and 40 minutes with short breaks at intervals, for quick presentations on healthy eating, and the benefits of regular exercise.

The biggest fitness event in Nigeria

Brand partnership with different marketing managers, Three Crowns Milk, University of Lagos (Department of Human Kinetics and Health education), Eva Water, Nigeria University Game Association (NUGA), Pulse Nutrition, and Medic check (Health Team). They all recognize the Importance of 6000secfitness and the way it inspires both women and men’s health.

The biggest fitness event in Nigeria

6000 SEC festival includes the pulse nutrition exercise challenges: an intensive competition that introduced extreme conditions, the 6 km walk for those with a good level of endurance, Bollywood fitness with the glow Asian dance workout room that combined innovative moves with Bollywood sounds, and many more. 

Fit Fam fest festival

The FitFam Fest is a comprehensive fitness festival held at the Hard Rock Cafe Beachfront, in Oniru, Lekki, and top-notch trainers and fitness enthusiasts converge in one place to partake in an array of fitness activities. FitFam Fest is a day fitness festival intended to advance wellbeing and wellness across Africa through fun and cooperation.

Fitness event in Nigeria   Fitness event in Nigeria

The festival was outfitted towards distinguishing and approving each individual’s excursion into wellness – through physical action, appropriate nourishment, mental prosperity, and different hacks that help accomplish a sound equalization.

Parts of the festival incorporate the Assault Obstacle Course: a military-enlivened impediment rivalry that presented extraordinary amusement, the 5k Color Run for those with the cleaves for perseverance, The Neon Room: the shine in obscurity/quiet disco exercise room that consolidated inventive tech with different exercises, the Soho Fitness, and some more.

Fitness event in Nigeria


Warri fitness festival

The Warri fitness Festival started in 2016 by a celebrity fitness expert, Emmapassions is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a wholesome weekend of nonstop fitness, healthy foods, natural juices, smoothies, contests, and tons of fun activities with an overdose of comedy and musical performances all in the mix. WAFFEST Infinite and they are set for an intriguing edition.

Fitness event in Nigeria

They are more than ready to give you an unforgettable premium experience this year. Workout party like never before and ultimately promotes health and fitness awareness.

Fitness event in Nigeria Fitness event in Nigeria

Over the years, it has grown to become a hallmark, The Big Heart of the Nation. This fitness event provides information on health, fitness, beauty, and nutrition for participants in an engaging, entertaining, and family-friendly environment.

Fitness event in Nigeria

Today, Warri fests can look back and confidently say that WAFFEST has played an undeniably significant role in promoting fitness and health awareness across Delta State. Successive editions since inception in 2016 gave birth to WAFFFEST Strongest man challenge WAFFEST fittest couple WAFFEST Miss Beach Body.

Flex and fix Bootcamp fitness event

Flex and fix Bootcamp fitness festival is ideal for anyone both old and young and dance enthusiasts alike. This is the only flex-able dance festival on the list, taking place in Morocco.

Fitness event in Nigeria Fitness event in Nigeria

Richard Akampu an expert in dance fitness from the creator of Bids and fit company, brings an intriguing way to flex, exercise, and be fit for a healthy lifestyle. The event focuses on its primary aim of having fun exercising while dancing to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness event in Nigeria

Flex and fix Bootcamp is a great way to celebrate the end of the year, offering different dance moves while exercising classes from Lagos, Nigeria with the most popular studios and gyms. There is something for everybody, whether you are keen on yoga or HIIT, and there are talks from fitness celebrities about weight loss and nutrition experts.


Sweat it Ibadan

Sweat it fitness connects fitness professionals from around Nigeria and beyond annually throughout the year with top notable VIP by the Honourable Abayomi Oke Commissioner For Youth And Sports Oyo State.

We at Sweat it Fitness & Dance engaged the participants in dance and cardio aerobics at the stadium. PROUDLY SPONSORED BY 3crownsmilk and Inspiration100.5 FM.

Abuja Biggest Fitness event

Body Line Fitness and Gym Ltd present the Fit Life fitness event which is always thrilling to be and an exciting series. The event encompasses recreational activities such as football, basketball, badminton, tennis, yoga, bicycle rides, Zumba, DanceFit sessions, and many more.

The biggest fitness event in Nigeria

Before attending fitness, you should think about what value you want to get out of it. Do you want to attend a more focused event that matches your area of fitness or are you just attending it just for fun?

Gbagada fitness festival

One of the leading Fitness Clubs in the country, LAFIT Gym holds its annual fitness festival at the premises of Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos.

People will take part in aerobics, HIIT High Intensive Interval training, Tug- of- War, and football for children amongst other side attractions with notable celebrities to grace the stage.


Safari fitness festival

Safari® is a unique African-inspired fitness program by Akin & Trisha Maja. Safari Fitness Creators and the Vice President & Comms Officer AFP (Nigeria).

The rhythms include Afro beats, Bhangra, Calypso, Latin & Soca. Headquartered in Nigeria and Belgium with Safari Instructors in various nations around the world.

Uyo fitness festival

Uyo fitness festival is a biannual carnival of wellness, exercise, and fitness exhibition. It aims to promote health, fitness, and better daily living.

The biggest fitness event in Nigeria

Uyo fitness festival is an experience you do not want to miss.  Tell a friend to tell the other friend to tell their uncle that it is on. Some of the best trainers in Nigeria will be on the show.

The biggest fitness event in NigeriaThese are trainers who have always been top of their game.  Finally a chance to meet and work with these trainers one on one.

The biggest fitness event in Nigeria

Come and witness the best fitness moves, from dance fitness to HIIT, TAE bo, BITE,  Pilates, etc.  Get motivated from the first minute to the last. This is an encounter you would prefer not to miss.  Tell a friend to tell the other friend to tell their uncle that it’s on.

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