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Best Fitness Trainer in Nigeria 2022

The best fitness trainer in Nigeria, The city of Lagos, Nigeria has some of the most highly qualified, highly sought after, and highly experienced Fitness and personal trainers in all of Nigeria. Keep Fit Africa TV has rounded up the Top Fitness trainers in the year 2022 and as we have sought them, we know them for their qualifications and impact on the Nigeria fitness industry in the year 2022.


Kemen is the first Techno gym master trainer in Nigeria, a Fitness & Wellness Expert, Also the CEO of Pure Fitness Africa, a Master Trainer at Techno gym, and a Brand Specialist with Techno gym Nigeria.

Best Fitness Trainer in Nigeria 2022

Techno gym is a leading company that sells equipment and digital technologies for fitness, sport, and health-based in Cessna, Italy.


Benfit the creator of the 6000secFitness Event has worked with co-operating brands with the likes of Lafarge, 3 crowns, and The University of Lagos. Benfit is a qualified Level 3 personal Fitness Trainer with a background in exercise physiology, he is extremely knowledgeable about the business aspect of fitness.

Best Fitness Trainer in Nigeria 2022

He supports his clients using a mix of mobility work, resistance training, cardiovascular conditioning, and mental and emotional well-being. He helps them to improve their body composition and confidence.


The creator of Nigeria’s 1st Weight loss Reality TV Show, the fastest shredder, is a registered Nigerian Trademark, created by Shedamsfitness to enlighten Nigerians about the benefits of incorporating fitness and healthy eating habits in their daily lives with special attention to individuals who want to shed more kilos the right and safe way.

Best Fitness Trainer in Nigeria 2022

Shedams fitness was featured on the CNN website on April 6th, 2020.


Mayowa Morgan, Popularly known as Mayor Fit. The creator of Tabata Fit Festival with over 8 years of experience in the Nigeria Fitness industry.

Best Fitness Trainer in Nigeria 2022

Mayowa has worked with several top organizations such as the University of Lagos Women’s Society, FABE foundation, Redeemed Christian Church of God, and Unilag Fm, and was part of the trainer for the last conclude Vervelife 5.0 in Lagos also the lead trainer in Oyo Tabata Fitness festival 3.0 proudly sponsored by Vervelife5.0 which event got many attendees and also present was the Honorable commissioner for Youth and sport, Oyo, Ibadan.



ISSA- International Sports Sciences Association certified Master trainer, health coach, and exercise therapy specialist. Trebla as a health coach educates clients by providing guidance plans, structures, accountability, and motivation to empower change, Treble was part of the lead trainers in the Biggest fitness party in Africa powered by Vervecard 5.0



Perfect Routines are an International Certified Elite Personal Trainer that Educate, Inspire & Motivate You to Get Active. PR has been an established mobile personal training service in Lagos, Nigeria for years.

With increased demand, they’re now offering a growing virtual service, where you can book a session with them directly on Google even with your busy profession or a fast-paced lifestyle who need the flexibility to be trained in their homes.


The Fit Preacher, a certified Fitness Coach with Functional Workout Programs who has been in the business of helping both women and men reach their health and fitness goals. During his time, the Fit Preacher has developed a great portfolio of science-based approaches to fitness training knowledge and techniques that suit most clients.



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