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Safari fitness and dance

Safari fitness and dance is an African fitness event inspired by different African sounds popular known in Africa with a unique workout exercise, steps, and movements differently combining Afro beats, Bhangra, Calypso, and Latin & Soca. Safari fitness and dance current are in Nigeria (Africa) & Belgium (Europe) with different Safari Team trainers in different continents even in Europe.

Safari fitness get fit the Africa started in 2016 with co-creators of Safari® Fitness with Mr. and Mrs. Maja, Trisha Maja(middle) and Akin Maja(right), and also another great co-creator of safari fitness Oumar Camara(left)

Akin Maja and Trisha Maja, one of the Creators of Safari® Fitness, based in the UK & Nigeria and are both married with 4 children also having taught in the UK & Nigeria for a number of years now and had a wide range of classes and certifications before going on to co-create the Safari® program. Trisha Maja who is a  level 2 Certified Personal Trainer (IREP) and Akin Maja has a B.Sc. (Hons) degree in Physics from Royal Holloway (University of London) and a Master’s degree (MBA) in Business from Richmond College (The American University in London).

The journey began when Akin Maja launched the FuZion Centre in Nigeria with his wife Trisha back in 2010 Nigeria then in 2016 they decided to create their own Fitness program called Safari®. Today they have grown and have Safari® Instructors that take classes in different locations all over the world. Oumar Camara is a great dancer and one of the Creators of Safari®Fitness based in Belgium. Oumar spent much of his childhood in the Africa countries but specifically west African countries of Senegal, Guinea, and Nigeria, which he describes as his “hometown”. A Belgian national born in a traditional military home, son of a U.S. war veteran. Born Oumar Truman Ajilloh Chevara Camara.


Safari Dance rhythmical choreographed dance steps to create a party atmosphere that is engaging and energizing the African way. Safari Dance Fitness Videos contains all the best workouts from Safari fitness and Dance classes for you to view in the comfort of your own anywhere and time. You choose how you want it; Buy Download or Stream online. The rhythms include Afro beats, Bhangra, Calypso, and Latin & Soca. Safari fitness and Dance gives you different Cardio Tone, Safari Flow, Mind-Body, Workout, party, and studio


Dance fitness program to African & International rhythms using choreographed dance steps to create a party atmosphere. Get fit the African way. Cardio and Toning program to African & International rhythms. Build your strength and stamina. Low impact High-intensity mat program to African & International rhythms. Define your body and increase strength and flexibility. Low impact stretch and meditation program to African & International rhythms. Balance and synchronize your mind to your body. High-intensity interval training program to African & International rhythms. Pure fitness the African way. Our special events platform, which can also be tailored to personal or corporate events. Feel the energy of the Safari Instructor team. Platform for all our Safari Fitness classes from the comfort of your house and enjoy exclusive memberships benefits and access.


One of safari fitness dance move Mzuqa, Mzuqa Dance Fitness is a fun and energetic dance-based workout at Garden city popularly in Nairobi embraces natural rhythmic beats, tempos, and movements to seamlessly flow from one move to another that strengthening the soul, while toning and building core strength dancing by blending African music with African dance, together with thoughtful choreography to provide a full-body workout all in one.


Certified members of the African register of exercise professionals (Areps)

Certified members of the institute of registered exercise professionals (Irep)

Certified members of Kenya fitness community

Certified members of Uganda fitness community

Certified members of the association of wellness and fitness practitioners (A.f.p Nigeria)

Certified members of Nigeria fitness community


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