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Nigeria biggest fitness Event

Nigeria biggest fitness Event, 6000secfitness workout in conjunction with verve life 4.0, Nigeria biggest fitness and wellness Event, 6000-SEC-OF-STRENGTH-ENDURANCE-AND-CARDIO workout in conjunction with Verve life 4.0 will be perform  in 1 hour and 40 minutes with short breaks intervals, for quick presentations on eating healthy, and their benefits.  In response to pay close attention to the human health, resulting from the increase sedentary life style in Nigeria.

6000 SEC FITNESS’ because the name implies can have participants participate in 6000 SECONDS of




   Verve Life is an all- encompassing fitness experience that combines exercise, music, fun, networking, healthy food and a lot more. Verve life 4.0,


Being a part of the 6000sec is your opportunity to meet Top Fitness enthusiasts and industry professionals in the profitable fitness market, expand your personal network and build meaningful business relationships that will affect you positively!

Get ready to own plenty of fun as you begin your “Journey to Fitness”!

The brand ‘’6000 SEC FITNESS’’ is a household fitness name, and our first editions, which was held on the 1st of October 2016, , we had a forgettable experience with an audience of over 3000 participants at the first edition, from different walks of life. The responses so far have been tremendous, and they motivate us to do more with more celebrities appearances in the event.

Verve and thousands of fitness enthusiasts across the nation on this journey to wellness. Verve heralds 4th edition of Nigeria fitness event Inter switch Group, promoters of the Verve Payments Brand, has announced the 4th edition of the ‘Verve Life’, which has come to be regarded as one of Nigeria’s biggest fitness and wellness lifestyle activation, incorporating the key pillars of fitness, fun, and healthy food, taking place on Saturday 6th November annually at The Landmark Centre in Lagos.




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