6000 SEC Fitness, Nigeria’s most prominent fitness event 2022 with Verve life 5.0 Fitness party 6000 SEC fitness, Vervelife brings you Africa’s Biggest Fitness Party, in the University of Lagos, Sports Center, a challenging, fitness experience that combines 6000 of S- Strength, E- Endurance, and C-Cardio workout with loads of fun-filled activities music, Karaoke, Sip, and Paint Workshops, bouncing castle for kids, Games and many more.

The largest fitness gathering in Lagos, Nigeria returns with Benfit as the host and other fitness experts to give you an unforgettable experience counting down to the most prominent fitness festival in Lagos, Nigeria, For 1 hour 40 minutes of physical activity.

Please tell us about ALL of your existing medical and physical conditions, and who to contact in an Emergency. It is your responsibility to complete this form below before participating. We may ask you to consult your doctor and get a written medical clearance before you exercise. Please present this during your entrance. The information will be confidential and only revealed to relevant team players (staff) for your safety.

All PROTOCOL will be observed DURING, BEFORE, and AFTER the event 

E.g. Full Name, Phone Number and Address

All of your responses are entirely confidential. Group summaries or activity reports have individual identifiers removed. If you require special help with the questionnaire or with arranging fitness appointments or services, please email info@keepfitafrica.tv for further help.